Choose an activity you’ll actually like

This is the most vital part of staying active. If you do something you actually like, you’ll find the time to do it every day because it’s something you’ll actually want to do. A lot of different things count as exercise: playing basketball, rock climbing, yoga, cycling, gardening, dancing, racquetball, or even games like Wii Fit. Find what you like.


Incorporate into your commute

Running or biking can be a great workout.  Using it as a means to get to work or school sets a standard time for you to work out every day and doesn’t waste any time stopping by the gym.


Find a buddy

Finding a buddy will force you to schedule a time to work out.  It will also provide much needed motivation to get the most out of every workout.


Sneak in exercise during small breaks

Go for a run or walk during a lunch break, walk around the office when trying to think of ideas, or do some pushups or sit-ups during small five minute breaks when getting home.


Set up a regular time

Setting up a normal time allows you to build your schedule around a workout time instead of trying to fit a workout time into your schedule.


Take advantage of everyday situations

Take the stairs, park in the furthest parking spot, or do sit-ups/pushups during television commercials.


Set goals

Goals help keep you motivated.  They also give a definite purpose to your day-to-day routine,  meaning they will make you less likely to continuously skip out on working out.


Sacrifice a Little Sleep

If you are a morning person, wake up a little early to exercise.  If you are a night person, stay up a little later and exercise before hitting the hay.


Eat right

What you eat directly correlates to how you feel, meaning you’ll feel more ready to exercise.