life-of-high-adventure In a place where the idea of freedom is so openly expressed, it’s amazing to see how many take the default life, not realizing there are more decisions in life than what to study in college, what job to take, and who to marry. If you’re not so much for the clear cut life, here’s how to get started:


What do you really want?

If you’re straying from the default life, what are you looking for? Maybe you want to start a company, become a professional athlete, or join the Peace Corps. Maybe you just know you want to help people or you want to make a noticeable impact in the world. Whatever it is, get it cut clearly in your mind.


small goals

Funnel It Down to Today

After creating a broad idea of what you want to do, it’s time to start acting on it right now! Start setting daily and weekly goals that relate directly to what you want out of life.



Understand You Always Have a Choice

At every given moment, you have the choice to be doing or not doing literally anything. Someday you’ll be on your deathbed looking over your life and the choices you made. Keep that in mind when making choices and setting priorities.



Take Responsibility for Yourself

You can’t move on in your life until you accept that you are 100% responsible for the position that you are in today. Don’t blame others for your life.  Change what needs to be changed.




Someone else has experience with almost anything you could ever want to do.  Seek them out and ask for advice or help. Most people are willing to share what they are passionate about and are willing to help. This means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.



Don’t Rough it Alone

After the initial adrenalin run out, it can be very hard to stay on task. Make sure you have a person or group that knows your goals and keeps you accountable each week.



Be Patient

Though you may make a lot of headway starting out, there will probably be a time when you hit a wall and it doesn’t seem like any progress is being made or can be made. Be patient.  See if you can work smarter, and then take the wall down brick by brick.