Christine and I were able to go downtown last Friday and follow the guys around for the first part of the Scurry.  The weather wasn't all that great in the morning but it eventually cleared up, and despite not having a lot of sunshine, it ended up being pretty nice. While Christine and I handed out our very own "Scurry Fuel" to all the participants, our esteemed Team Afidence got registered.  While we were waiting around for the events to start, Marvin Lewis came through the crowd and had pictures taken with all the teams.

By the time we caught up with our team over at Paul Brown Stadium, they had already competed in some events.  We were able to catch up with them in the locker room where Brenden was decked out in a Bengels uniform and they all did the Ickey Shuffle.  They then headed out onto the field where they attempted to kick some field goals and then ran around the field.  I have never been to a Bengels game so I enjoyed getting to be out on the field.

scurry afidence team

From there, Christine and I had to head home and the guys took off on the "Scurry" bus to their next location.

scurry marvin lewis