This week's Tech Tip is brought to you by Greg Lloyd.

With Mac OS X gaining ground in the business sector, there is a greater possibility that a Mac will need to access an NTFS formatted drive; and although Macs can currently access NTFS drives, they cannot natively write to them. People have circumvented this problem in the past by accessing the NTFS formatted drive over the network, but this isn’t always an option, nor is it quick. Luckily, a company called Paragon Software offers an easy to install, $20 solution called Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 11. Paragon NTFS for Mac not only allows you to access and write to an NTFS formatted drive, but it also allows you to format a drive in NTFS. The latest version works with the recently released Mac OS X Mavericks. You can find Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 11 at