Check this out . . . ever heard of The Underground "The UG" in Cincinnati, Ohio? The Underground is a state-of-the-art club concert venue, which provides top-quality, live entertainment from local and national music acts. It is an open-floor venue with a 1200 person capacity (limited seating available) with full sound and lights available. It is a positive alternative with a smoke, drug and alcohol-free environment for teenagers while operating from Judeo-Christian values.

Last night we attended a fund raiser for The Underground hosted by local teens like Ben Stevens and Corynne Hogan, the wildly popular Christian band "Tenth Avenue North" and Cincinnati's very own Bengal, Andy Dalton (unveiling his new foundation with wife, Jordan).  We were touched at the opportunities the teens have to host tv shows, learn video, run sound, to be a part of battle of the bands, to go to concerts that are clean and totally relevantl, attend Band Camp and Film Camp while connecting with likeminded teens across the tri-state.

It's exciting to see the vision of The Underground come to life with Mike Vollette and Ryan Hartsock leading at the helm.  Thanks guys for all you do!  You really are providing something that is so needed, relevant and impacts the lives our our teens in incredibly positive ways.



Andy Dalton Shares with Ryan Hartsock