Three cheers to the Afidence-Team as they get ready to go "Scurry-ing" downtown on April 25th and compete for gold and silver in this year's Cincinnati Scurry....Well...not really gold and silver, but certainly lots of cheers and shouts from the spectators.  Why do they "Scurry" you ask?  Because they love to train for this event.  In this case, training could possibly mean a little beverage drinking, a little singing, maybe some "dress-up" and a little jogging.....In all seriousness though, Tier 1 and The Marvin Lewis Community Fund have teamed up once again to benefit the "Learning is Cool" program.   scurry image

"Learning Is Cool is designed to encourage the 34,000 students in grades 1-8 at Cincinnati Public Schools, Covington Independent Public Schools, North College Hill Schools, and Middletown City Schools to make the ''A'' honor roll each quarter. Students who make the ''A'' honor roll two quarters of the year are recognized each June at an end-of-year event at Paul Brown Stadium.

Since its inception, the number of students on the ''A'' Honor Roll has increased by 110%. (You don't need to be a math whiz to know that's awesome.)

You can have a part in seeing that number go up even more. Past Cincinnati Scurries have helped expand the program to additional school districts. Just by participating in the Scurry, you make a difference in the lives of local kids by encouraging them to do well in school."  ("Learning is Cool" info. is from the Scurry website.)

Find out more about Learning Is Cool.

Members of this year's "A-Team" include, Trip Bodley, Dustin Werden, Brent Brinkman and Zach Knisley.  You go guys!