Climb To Your Goals


Direction and Clarity

When you commit a goal to writing, it forces you to clarify exactly what you want. The clearer your goals are, the clearer the path becomes to get there.


Discover Helpful Changes

Writing down goals allows you to focus on where you want to go and what you are currently doing to get there. You can then review where you currently are and find what changes you can make in your current life to help you achieve your goals.



If you can continuously see exactly where you are trying to go, everyday can be tailored to specifically move you one inch closer to your goal. With this, you can wake up every morning with something important to do and the inspiration to do it.



If your goals are written down, you don’t have to estimate how much you’ve accomplished in life. You know exactly how much you’ve progressed from the beginning and how much you need to improve to get to your ultimate goal.



If your mind is anything like mine, it’s going a thousand different directions in any moment and I am very prone to forget about things that aren’t vitally important at any given moment. Writing down goals stops me from forgetting where I’m trying to go.


A few of my future goals:

Graduate with a 3.5 GPA and Electrical Engineering Degree from Rose-Hulman

Lead Climb a 5.12

High Jump 6’8

Start a wireless Headphone Company that Utilizes bone Conduction Technology