Based upon Simon Sinkek’s TED speech Start with Why  

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”


Whether you are promoting your new company to a new potential client, or trying to stand out during a career fair, organizing a "why" based speech will engage and inspire your audience to not only consider you, but follow you.


Start with Why

What is your purpose, cause, or belief?  Why does your organization exist? What is the passion currently driving you to this position?


This demonstrates your true character to your audience, and shows both your drive to the end and that you aren’t in the game for the money.


Then Explain How

How are you actively living and pursuing your "why" right now? These are the specific details about what you have done or what you are doing that you would normally display to set you apart from any competition.


This shows that "why" isn’t just a pipe dream and you actually have the qualification to make it happen.


Finish with what

Whether you’re searching for a summer internship or looking for new business, don’t tie down specifically what you are looking for from your audience until the end of your speech.


Leaving this until the end shows that you have a lot more to offer than a single product or job placement, and if your audience joins with you, they can be part of your movement.


Consider the difference for yourself:


Normal approach:

Hi, my name is David Shumate. I’m a Sophomore Electrical Engineer at Rose-Hulman. I’m looking for a summer internship where I can work behind the development of wireless speakers and audio equipment.


"Why" approach:

Hi, my name is David Shumate.  I believe that music has the power to touch and inspire people to live happier, think clearer, and run faster. I want everyone to be free to join the music experience anytime and anywhere without being tethered to their desk or pocket. I’m currently studying Electrical Engineering at Rose-Hulman and looking for a summer internship so I can help push the world one step closer to my dream.