Summer's coming, which probably means you've got some sort of traveling in your future.  You may be planning a vacation, a trip to visit family, or traveling back and forth across town as you take your kids to their next camp or sporting event.  Either way, you're sure to spend more than you want at the gas pump this summer.  If you're wanting to save time and money by finding the cheapest gas prices online, check out   The GasBuddy app has all kinds of information you need, from the United State's Lowest/Average/Highest prices to yesterday's/today's statistics nationwide.

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By simply putting in the name of your city or your zip code, the lowest prices in your area are readily available thanks to volunteers who send in the information.  There is also a color coded "heat" map of the United States as well as your individual state.  All this information, right at your fingertips....who knew?   You may even take an extra trip this summer from all the money you'll save.  Thanks GasBuddy!

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