Have you ever sent an email too soon and wish you could un-send it? Here is a quick tip that shows how to easily configure an email rule that delays the delivery of any sent message for a specified period of time within Outlook. So next time you hit send a little too soon, just head over to your “Outbox” folder and edit/delete the email accordingly. Step 1: Left click on “File” from your Outlook Inbox.

Step 2: Left click on “Manage Rules & Alerts” Button.

outlook tip 1





Step 3: Left click on “New Rule” button in “Rules and Alerts”

outlook tip 2







Step 4: Left click “Next >” button. (Don’t check any conditions and select yes that this rule is applied to every message)

outlook tip 3






Step 5: Left click on “defer delivery by a number of minutes” check box in “Rules Wizard”. Then, left click on “defer delivery by a number of minutes” and enter 1 on your keyboard.

outlook tip 4







Step 6: Click next, select any exceptions that may apply.

Step 7: Click next, specify a name for your rule (Example: “Delayed Send (1 min)”) and then left click on “Finish”

outlook tip 5








Step 8: Left click on the “OK” button and you’re done!

~This "Tech It Out Tuesday" tip was contributed by Trip Bodley