We would like to welcome Mikesell's Snack Food Co. They recently became a client for AfidenceIT, and we are sincerely excited about our partnership. Did you know that Mikesell's Snack Food Company began over 100 years ago when they went into business selling dried beef and sausage throughout Dayton, Ohio? That is a lot of memories! They have over 51K fans on their Facebook page, where they share stories and engage with fans. What is your favorite Mikessell's product? We love the Original Puffcorn Delites.

According to their website, Mikesell’s Snack Food Co. has the following mission:

"Mikesell's believes that a good, wholesome snack can bring friends and family together. Every one of our products is made from fresh, high-quality ingredients and premium oils, which our customers can taste in every bite. Our guiding principle is to only make snacks we can be proud of, and so far, we always have." 

Please join us in welcoming our new client, Mikesell's Snack Food Co. We sincerely value lasting relationships, so we are excited about the journey ahead!

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