One of our clients, Buffalo Wings & Rings, recently appeared on the seventh season of CBS’ Undercover Boss. Disguised as an everyday employee, Nader Masadeh, CEO and president of Buffalo Wings & Rings, shaved his mustache and dyed his hair in a mission to further improve and evaluate the operations. 

Buffalo Wings and Rings Nachos

Working as a dishwasher, server, and assistant to the kitchen manager, Masadeh was able to identify strengths, analyze opportunities for improvement, and discover new ways to ensure organizational alignment.

The episode of Undercover Boss appeared on December 20, 2015. Buffalo Wings & Rings is a fast growing business with the goal of opening 14 new chains throughout 2016. Masadeh is committed to the growth of the organization, and a big part of that is knowing what makes it work at all levels of the organization. At AfidenceIT, we are proud to see our clients working hard to improve the growth of their business and brand. Undercover Boss enables companies to gain recognition and improve employee lives and business initiatives. Mr. Masadeh confirms, “The entire experience was great, but it was tougher than I anticipated” ("Buffalo Wings & Rings’ President and CEO Explores Franchise Operations", 2015). The newly gained knowledge enables Mr. Masadeh to continue the strategic growth of the company.

Congratulations on the episode, Buffalo Wings & Rings! Mr. Masadeh, we admire your commitment and work ethic. Let us know your thoughts if you watched the episode. 


Marketing Communications Assistant | AfidenceIT