A training center will usually be under the IT site or as a separate top level site.  This will act as a training portal for all users, but will not be limited to only SharePoint training resources. People learn differently, but the most popular training medium is videos. These can be reinforced with emails and blog posts.

Video Architecture

  • Each video is approximately 2 to 4 minutes long depending on the subject matter. The purpose is for the viewer to receive instruction for one of the functions of SharePoint and then get back to work.
  • Video content is reviewed prior to posting it on the Training Center site.
  • A thumbnail is generated for each training video.
  • An optional “This is what you are going to learn” section can also be included.
  • Governance items should be integrated into the video where possible.
Create a Video Training Center in SharePoint


Suggested Videos

  • General Navigation 
  • Setting an Alert
  • Creating a Custom List 
  • Granting Permissions to a Site
  • The SharePoint Ribbon 
  • How to Create a Column in a List/Library
  • How to Upload a Document 
  • Co-Authoring Documents 
  • How to Connect a Calendar to Outlook
  • Connect Task List to Outlook
  • How to Search and Refine Searches
  • How to Create an App
  • Turning on Versioning
  • How to Share or Invite Someone to a Site
  • How to Share a Document with Someone
  • Is Something Private or Public and How Do I Tell
  • How to Add a Webpart to a Page
  • How to Access OneDrive
  • How to Sort a List or Library
  • Task Rollup in Mysites
  • The Sites Tab
  • How to Follow Sites, Documents, etc.
  • Filling Out Your Profile Information
  • Creating a Document Library & Moving it to a Quick Launch Bar

Image Source: The image was taken by the AfidenceIT team during a leadership meeting at Aileron.