We are excited to announce that AfidenceIT will be interviewed for Heaven in Business' WorkPlace Wisdom: Intentional Success! What is HIB? What is WorkPlace Wisdom? Glad you asked.

Let's start with a brief introduction to AfidenceIT. AfidenceIT is a biblically based business advocate and IT provider founded in 2010 by my husband and me. It is important to mention that biblically based does not mean a culture dominated by Christians. Instead, it means that our business is founded and operated based on biblical principles of honor, respect, integrity, kindness, and excellence. This winter, we established a Chief Culture Officer (CCO) position to enhance our company culture. I'm honored to fill and pilot the CCO role alongside At Work on Purpose (AWOP). The CCO vision and purpose came naturally to me. However, making operational changes that make our culture of honor thrive in the fast-paced world of consulting was a new challenge and one I was ready to embrace. To guide me through this new journey, I joined Heaven in Business (HIB).  Andy Mason, Director of Heaven in Business, states that HIB "offers resources, training, connection and tools that cause personal, business and city transformation."

HIB is a relatively new outgrowth from the Global Transformation Institute (GTI) and is already adding tremendous value to my life personally, professionally, and spiritually. And, in turn, to AfidenceIT! HIB offers a great online venue created to promote learning and sharing with the HIB online community of professionals. Another component of HIB I'm finding invaluable is WorkPlace Wisdom (WPW). WPW provides real-time teaching with successful, influential people in our world.  Each month WPW highlights an overarching topic segmented into weekly sessions. The first three sessions include an interview, a tool, and Q&A. The fourth session is a taped testimonial from an HIB community member regarding the month's topic. For June, HIB's Lisa van den Berg and I will discuss June's topic (Intentional Success withRick Sbrocca) via a video-taped SKYPE interview.

The gap between the ‘dream’ and dominion actually focuses on discipline.
— Rick Sbrocca

To whet your appetite, here is a taste of June's WPW with a quote from Rick Sbrocca, "The gap between the ‘dream’ and dominion actually focuses on discipline." In this quote, Rick explores the idea that to find freedom, you must have discipline. Pursuing your dreams and becoming the person you were meant to be will take discipline! If you are like me, discipline can be an elusive concept. Fortunately, Rick provides a tool to answer the "How?" portion of this issue, but that discussion is for another post.

Thanks for engaging! We can't wait to share other inspirations from the journey!

Barbara E. Hogan

CCO & Owner| AfidenceIT