Walking In

As I walked into the David H. Ponitz Sinclair Center where the 10th Annual Taste of IT was to take place, people bustled about setting up booths and chatting with their neighbors. Stephanie, our events coordinator and lead, smiled and welcomed me to the event. Information technology companies filled the floor, their banners featuring logos and calls to action. Each booth seemed to have its own theme and activity. One booth even had a virtual Lego builder! I was thrilled to be there and ready to make connections. Speakers and breakout sessions were to take place throughout the day. I immediately heard many attendees discussing different presentations enthusiastically. The Taste of IT was going to be a great event.

The Technological Age

We are living in a technological age. Technology continues to evolve and improve. People churn out new ideas daily. It is an exciting time full of possibility and potential. This event embodies the technological age: people with a passion for technology and innovation attending an event designed to inspire and connect. The amount of powerful and relevant discussion was overwhelming. During our breakout session in the morning, featuring our CEO Bryan Hogan as moderator and three of our employees as panelists, I was enthralled with the conversation. The audience engaged and asked questions and our panelists provided answers. The back and forth reflected the entirety of this event. The Taste of IT allowed professionals of all experience levels to engage with individuals equally as passionate about innovation and technology.

It is a joy to be at an event that brings out the best in people. The Taste of IT did just that. At our booth alone, I was able to talk with people from various organizations (even if initially some visitors only wanted our code so they could be entered for a prize) and each conversation was fantastic in its own way. The Dayton and Cincinnati areas are growing in the IT space. The potential impact of these communities on this industry is limitless. 

The Future

By the late afternoon everyone was tearing down their booths. We still had people coming up to chat. I took one last look around and grinned thinking about the day.

The future of the industry is bright and so are the people in it. The amount of talent and knowledge related to IT was on full display at Technology First’s latest event.
— Byron Brown

IT is an industry that will keep growing as technology advances. Businesses always need systems repaired and maintained. The future of the industry is bright and so are the people in it. The amount of talent and knowledge related to IT was on full display at Technology First's latest event. Every person attending, presenting, and participating seemed to have valuable information to relay. I could sense the excitement in every person I talked to throughout the day. The IT industry in Dayton and Cincinnati will succeed because of events like the Taste of IT that showcase talent and encourage creativity. The future of technology and the people with a passion for it has never looked better.

Byron Brown

Marketing Associate | Afidence