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Afidence Applause for Crystal Langley and Rob Niles "Great job"

"Thanks for checking in, Barbara. Crystal and Rob did a great job and we are knee-deep in testing SharePoint so that we can give tangible user feedback to our management team . . . I appreciate all your help and patience during this process. I will let you know when we know more!"

Afidence Applause for Rob Niles "Awesome"

"Recently, Rob Niles set-up training videos for RSG (Vermont client). Here's what RSG had to say about Rob, “The videos you made for us, WOW, I think you missed your calling, they were awesome."


Afidence Applause for Rob Niles "Key Part"

"Our new SharePoint environment provides a real-time connectedness that supports our vision to create a successful national consulting practice with engaged employees. The work that Afidence did, is a key part of the mosaic that will further enable RSG to pursue innovative work and to create tighter relationships with the clients we serve."