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Disaster Recovery for Small Business (and other things that aren't so small)

Business Continuity . . . It’s a big scary topic that most small businesses associate with spending large amounts of money. The thought of giant brown bags with dollar signs on them floating out your window come to mind when business continuity is mentioned.  Business continuity is really just planning and preparing for all the operation disruptions that can happen in the life of your business. If you unpack business continuity you will find disaster recovery planning, vendor/contract relationship management, employee management, and economic preparation/planning. Planning for all of these areas is key for any small business in today’s global market place. I want to take a look at one of these areas.

Disaster Recovery . . . It sounds much worse that it really is, most times. I always picture walking up to a house that has been leveled by a storm and pulling pieces of memories out of the scrap that remains. Disaster recovery is a plan and process to make sure you are prepared for things that are a ‘disaster’. Disaster recovery consists of several components: Unit Level recovery (PC’s, Servers), Energy/Power (building, office, equipment, shop/manufacturing lines), and Large scale events (Weather, Global issues, Economic Failure/Downturn, War). For our purposes I am going to drill down into Unit Level Recovery for small businesses.

Chances are . . . If you have data/files/music/pictures/unfinished business plans in Word Doc format, and who doesn’t, you have thought about some sort of disaster recovery plan. You may not call it “Disaster Recovery” *said using epic hero voice* you might just call it ‘backing up my files on a USB stick thingy’. Whatever you call it you want to make sure the things that are critical to your business are safe, secure, and retrievable if your computer dies tomorrow. You might be a once a year type who backs up when taxes roll around or you might be the OCD type that when you add an extra comma to that unfinished business plan you MUST SAVE NOW!!!! However frequent you ‘backup’ your data, we all need to know what options we have in case of a disaster in today’s digital world. I am going to spend my time on three different types of backup that can be used in any combination for disaster recovery at most Small Businesses.

Author:  David Rice, Afidence