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Taste of Afidence Published -- April

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As another fiscal quarter closes we've continued to experience an influx of new clients that are unhappy with their current IT provider.

We've found that regardless of whether the client was dazzled by the lower rates typically found in the shop down the street or by the flashy, high-rise vendor the results have been the same -- IT torment and dollars wasted.  We also found that the service had nothing to do with the offerings or size of the company, but rather the company's quality and ethics.

Going forward, we want to share with you the top 3 things to be aware of when choosing your IT support vendor:

  1. BEWARE the "Contract".  If they are that good, why do they need a contract?
  2. BEWARE the "Kickback".  Do they receive financial incentives for recommending and selling the products they recommend to you?
  3. BEWARE the "Bait and Switch".  The guy/gal giving you the recommendation most likely won't be the one supporting you . . . if they are, who supports them when they are on vacation or out sick?

A simple way to avoid loss of time and money is to CALL Afidence today before you sign.   We have unparalleled client satisfaction and our mission is to be your trusted IT advisor and support vendor, which means we have to be better than good ALL the time!

We hope to hear from you soon . . . call Crystal at 513-234-5822, x441



The Difference Between 2nd & 3rd Place - It's the Apps!

From Nilay Patel at The Verge

"And while Windows 8 has a long way to go before it can challenge the iPad, it feels almost inevitable that Microsoft will quickly succeed where Android tablets have thus far failed — especially because Microsoft is aggressively courting developers to write apps for its new Metro interface.

Perhaps more importantly, Google doesn't seem to feel any pressure to increase the quality or quantity of Android tablet apps, which have lagged far behind their iPad counterparts. Rubin told reporters this week that he "can't force someone to write a tablet app," but that he's hopeful developers "put in the muscle" to make their Android phone apps work better on larger screens. Until Google articulates a clear strategy to make Android relevant on tablets, that doesn't seem likely to happen."

It is hard to believe that Google isn't being more determined in recruiting quality developers.  Surely they recognize that much of the success of the iPhone, iPad, not to mention Windows, can be carried on the back of quality apps.  Of course, if your entire financial model is based on driving ad revenue, they just may not see the value.



Will Windows 8 "Win" You Over?

From Tim Stevens at Engadget

"Disjointed is the key word that comes to mind after you spend some time with Windows 8. As a tablet OS, if you can keep in Metro land, things feel good. Very good. The gestures are a bit more complex and less intuitive than we've seen on other tablet operating systems, but more savvy users will appreciate that. That said, Windows is still primarily a desktop operating system, and once you get to that level the cracks in the foundation start to show."

Windows 8 is clearly a very big undertaking by Microsoft.  Not only do they want to show a fresh and innovative followup to the highly successful Windows 7, but they also want (and need) an answer to the iPad.  Can they really pull off a "one solution to rule them all"?  Early reviews suggest it will be an uphill battle.  (Mr. Miyagi's "Walk on the Road" parable comes to mind, relative to Microsoft attempting to serve two masters: Metro-Style Apps AND old-school Desktop Apps.)  It's also hard not to think about Microsoft's track record with "every-other-OS-release" (skip them).  Still, you have to believe there is a solid case to be made for a single OS strategy.