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What Average User Cares About the New iPad Specs?

From John Gruber at Daring Fireball:

"What is changed — and what is unchanged — in this newest iteration of the iPad reveals Apple’s priorities. Most important: how things look on screen, how they feel, how smoothly they animate. Not important: a faster CPU. Important: faster graphics processing. (Those last two priorities emphasize the hole that Intel has dug itself. Their expertise — CPUs — is no longer the most important processing bottleneck for personal computing. Graphics are.)"

I'm a tech-geek at heart, but Mr. Gruber is exactly right.  Most non-tech people could care less about the  CPU speed of their tablet, phone, or PC.  However, they do care about the overall experience.  How does it look?  How does it feel?  Does it do what I want it to do, and do it well?

Perhaps a great example of this is the iPhone/iPad approach to screen resolution.  In the world of laptops/desktops (Macs included), higher resolution usually equates to more stuff (though smaller) on your screen.  On the iPhone/iPad, higher resolutions equates to better looking stuff (same size) on your screen.  Which is more important to you?



Did You Know the iPhone Business is Larger Than Microsoft?

From Henry Blodget at Business Insider

But regardless of what happens, Microsoft can only now look up in awe and realize that a product that was introduced 5 years ago and that Steve Ballmer famously dissed is now larger and more profitable than Microsoft's whole company.”

Stunning is an understatement. While this article seems to focus more on the negative implications to Microsoft, the real story is what good can happen when an organization delivers a “complete” revolutionary solution.  (Well designed.  Well built.  Adequate supply.  Easy to use.  Priced right.)  Apple has now pulled this off with music, phones, and a whole new tablet market.  Wonder what’s next?