Office 365 continues to release new features to the cloud.  My test tenant seems to receive the updates before our production tenant.  Both of our tenants are in the first release ring. I called Microsoft to see if we could get put in a position in front of first, but no such position exists.  

Document Library Changes

Document libraries received a makeover. Modern libraries offer many UI enhancements such as thumbnails; uploading and links; inline creation of custom view and columns; and pinning. SharePoint replaced the ribbon with a clean, responsive command bar. Lastly, modern libraries are becoming the new norm for files saved in Office 365 groups. The interface is cleaner than before; the most used items appear on the top ribbon. I panicked initially when I did not see the library settings. Don’t worry - it’s still there. It has simply been moved to the gear menu.  You can now pin a document to the top of the library to bring more attention to it. This should become a new governance item: to pin or not to pin.

Make it Pretty

One of the questions we get asked frequently is to make SharePoint not look like SharePoint. When you make heavy code modifications, it’s always a gamble as to whether or not there will be issues when you upgrade. Most companies do not have a team of developers on standby to make SharePoint look pretty.  The second question: “Is it mobile friendly and responsive?” What if you could answer both questions with a very simple yes?  Now we can!  Last Friday I was doing my weekly browse of “The Facebook” and I ran across an advertisement for Live Tiles.  This product answers both questions with the ease of drag and drop.  I watched a full demo and was blown away. After I climbed back into my chair, I signed up for a test account (which is only for 14 days), so that I can take it for a test drive. This can be a differentiator for us because people dream in color, not in code.