The Summit

The comSpark Innovation Tech Summit was created for individuals passionate about technology and innovation. The event included expert speakers, workshops, awards, and numerous technology-based organizations. The summit was made to attract anyone in the Greater Cincinnati area interested in technology, innovation, and business. The venue for the entire event, The Cincinnati Club, is a beautiful building planted in the middle of the downtown area.   

Day one began with the event kick-off and set-up. Everyone was rushing about and setting up booths. Monitors flashed with company logos and information. The place was abuzz with energy. Representatives from different organizations chatted about business and life.

Monitors flashed with company logos and information. The place was abuzz with energy.
— Byron Brown

The first day centered on high school students. The city bussed them in for the day and they had a great time. They visited all the booths, collected goodies, and talked with organizations about their aspirations.

In addition to the high schoolers, job searchers and company representatives also visited booths. The coffee at our booth was as popular with everyone else as it was with the high school students. The summit was interesting because it involved people in all stages of their career and education. We met high schoolers, seasoned professionals, recent graduates, and CEOs.  

Throughout the day, different speakers provided insight in numerous sessions on everything from the cloud to IT careers.

Day one ended with a cocktail party and live music. People ordered drinks and talked while a live band performed. 

Day Two

Day two featured our very own directors on a panel discussing Sleeper Cell: Unleashing the Power of Mobile. The featured speakers were our director of project management services, Dustin Werden; our director of information security and compliance, Shannon Glass; and our director of SharePoint services, Rob Niles. Andy Hickey, a project manager here at Afidence, was the moderator. An audience of about 20 people contributed to the excellent discussion. Audience members asked questions throughout the panel. The directors worked through each question with great care. The relaxed atmosphere helped produce excellent discourse between the panelists and the crowd.

The keynote speaker for the event was Jonathan C. Trull from Microsoft. He spoke on day two to a packed room about cloud and cybersecurity.   

After the event, Afidence was back at the booth. Without the high schoolers, day two was slower. This gave our team members a chance to get to know the other people working the different booths. We also went downstairs and got to know some of the startup companies. Everyone at this event had a keen interest in learning about other organizations.

Day two ended with an after party on the second floor. Many people stayed after for the drinks and networking. 

Looking Back

The comSpark Innovation Tech Summit provided an opportunity for people interested in innovation and technology to connect and share ideas. It gave businesses new opportunities and helped job seekers get their name out to companies. It was a great way for the Greater Cincinnati area to engage its innovative side. 

Byron Brown

Marketing Associate | Afidence