The Mobile Age

Mobile devices and tablets have grown exponentially in recent years. According to Citrix, “Today’s employees are increasingly likely to work from outside the office and frequently use a number of mobile (and often personal) devices to complete business tasks.” On June 20th, SharePoint entered this growing space with the SharePoint mobile app, released for iOS. The app provides access to the intranet at your fingertips. Collaborating with co-workers has never been easier. The SharePoint mobile app brings the information where you want it when you need it.

Are you on the fast track to the collaboration highway of tomorrow?

The Advantages of the SharePoint Mobile App


  • Multiple accounts - access multiple tenants with secure logons
  • Sites - organized by most frequently visited
  • Links - important links to the intranet or shared calendars
  • People - coworkers' contact information along with documents that
  • Searching – searches on current site, link, or person based upon the page origin of the site instead of the entire SharePoint
  • Settings – Microsoft is making it easy to give feedback with a shake option for phones on any page. A feedback box appears after shaking the phone.


  • Accessibility - Easy to pull up a SharePoint site with a single touch once in application. Additionally, changing between sites, links, and people is simple as well.

Mary Jo Foley (2016), in an article on ZDNet points out some key things that make SharePoint user-friendly:

  • Gives users fast access on their mobile devices to their SharePoint team sites, organization portals, resources, and even to what others are working on
  • Integration with Microsoft Graph and Office Graph streamlines processes
  • Intranet search is integrated in the app


Ingram Micro Advisor gives insight on the value of collaborating:

  • It moves a company more effectively towards its goals. 
  • It creates greater flexibility.
  • It appeals to the tech-savvy.
  • It engages remote and work-from-home employees.
  • It helps new employees get up to speed.

Millennials – A Connected Generation  

Millennial users are more likely than other generations to multitask using mobile devices and tablets to complete their work. They converse with multiple people, surf the web, and interact on social media.  Millennials grew up with technology, so they are extremely receptive to innovation. This generation’s proclivity for change, combined with the movement to mobile technology, means that apps like SharePoint will continue to grow in popularity.

This generation’s proclivity for change, combined with the movement to mobile technology, means that apps like SharePoint will continue to grow in popularity.
— Rob Sibert

So Why SharePoint Mobile?  

People want access to information, and they want it right away. The SharePoint mobile app meets this demand. Your sites are available for viewing right when you open the app. Microsoft designed the application to work on multiple device platforms. It started with the iOS, and then added Windows and Android devices. SharePoint has modernized the look and feel of the platform, improving the way we access data. The new design is just one more step towards SharePoint adoption. Targeting iOS users brings them closer to using a product that is optimized on Microsoft solutions. The app is free, so there are no budgeting concerns when purchasing the application. Microsoft has also addressed the security aspect of the application. In an article in Redmond magazine, Kurt Mackie (2016) states, “Microsoft's mobile apps for SharePoint support various authentication methods, such as "AAD [Azure Active Directory], NTLM [NT LAN Manager] and FBA [Forms-Based Authentication]."

In conclusion, retrieving data in a timely, organized fashion makes this app not only a smart download, but a necessary application for any SharePoint user. Mobility is the way of the future, and this app makes it easy to collaborate on the move.

Rob Sibert

Sr. IT Consultant | AfidenceIT


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