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Welcome New Clients


Afidence Welcomes New Client: Ramco Electric Motors, Inc.

Ramco Electric Motors, Inc. is an AS9100 certified establishment for the manufacture of electric motors and related components for use in industrial, military, and aerospace applications. The company was founded in 1987 by Ray Dunaway. Ray’s son, Dave, bought the company in 1993 and carries on the tradition of providing well-made products at a reasonable price.



Welcome Midmark

We would like to welcome Midmark. In 2015, they became a new client for AfidenceIT and we are excited about our partnership.

  According to their website, Midmark has the following mission and vision:

"Midmark strives to bring efficient patient care to millions of people each day in the human and animal healthcare industries around the world. A leading provider of medical, dental and veterinary equipment solutions, Midmark is focused on continuously improving exam room workflow and enhancing patient-caregiver interactions. Midmark’s more than 1,500 teammates worldwide are dedicated to redefining the future of the clinical space and making a positive difference in the practice of healthcare. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Midmark maintains production and administrative offices in Versailles, Ohio, as well as four subsidiaries in the United States and international subsidiaries in France, India and Italy."


AfidenceIT Now Providing IT Support Services to Buffalo Wings & Rings


AfidenceIT Now Providing IT Support Services to Buffalo Wings & Rings

Mason, OH—June 12, 2015—AfidenceIT, a technology consulting and services firm, recently announced it will be providing IT support services to Buffalo Wings & Rings®. Buffalo Wings & Rings is a Cincinnati-based sports restaurant. In 2010, the restaurant began rebranding to a club level experience featuring bright, inviting dining rooms, 50+ TVs and chef-inspired recipes, making it the perfect place for socializing with families and fans. The plan is to rebrand all Buffalo Wings & Rings restaurants in the next eighteen months.



Welcome St. John Neumann

At this time, we would like to send out a big  welcome to St. John Neumann.  They have recently become a new client.

St. John Neumann is located at 12191 Mill Road in Cincinnati.  See their mission statement below:


"Together as members of Saint John Neumann Parish We share in the mission of Christ: to bring about God’s kingdom. We join together in relationship with God and one another in the Church.

We are called to be disciples; therefore we listen to God’s Word And we learn what God is calling us to do in today’s world.

We celebrate God’s presence in our lives and in the world. We celebrate God’s presence in the Eucharist and all the sacraments Through which we praise, thank and worship God.



New Client Welcome - Process Plus

AfidenceIT welcomes Process Plus as a new client. Process Plus Image

"Process Plus is a nationally recognized engineering and architecture firm that focuses on serving the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage Industries. Enthusiastic Customers are created by our Critical Customer Approach®. This approach encompasses our Project Execution and Corporate Management Philosophies that promote long lasting personal and professional success."

Process Plus....Read More



Welcome TP Mechanical

The AfidenceIT Team would like to welcome TP Mechanical as one of our recent clients.  Established in 1953, TP Mechanical has over 50 years experience in the manufacturing industry.  They specialize in large-scale construction projects.

"We deliver end-to-end solutions with excellence and innovation." tpmechanical image"For comprehensive mechanical services, look no further. From initial design to construction, pre-fabrication, installation and maintenance services, you will find we have the resources, experience, expertise and unparalleled customer service that will deliver superior results to you."


TP more. 



Welcome AGI Management, Inc.

The afidenceIT Team would like to welcome and recognize AGI Management, Inc. as a recent client. agi management image2

See below for an excerpt about them from their website,  or you can take a look at it HERE.

"We are a national recruiting agency serving the hospitality industry. Our clients are provided the top talent in the marketplace for their hiring needs. Our goal is to provide the perfect candidates while minimizing our client’s time and money spent throughout the hiring process. We are the experts in our field and provide our clients with service well surpassing expectations."





AfidenceIT Welcomes New Client

We are excited to welcome Ripple Junction as one of our most recent clients.  After reading the excerpt below, be sure to take a look at their website here to find out more about them.  Ripple Junction

"In the beginning, we were just a few dudes selling shirts out of a van at grateful Dead shows. Today we're one of the country's premier sources for movies, TV, music, and entertainment products. What a long, strange trip it's been. Ripple Junction's mission is nothing short of becoming the industry's premier licensee of pop culture products. We are passionate about what we do and are pop culture fans ourselves."




Welcome Pilot Chemical Company

Afidence is pleased to welcome Pilot Chemical Company as a new client.pilot image

Here are a few Questions and Answers about Pilot, from their website:

Who is Pilot Chemical?

a. Established in 1952, privately-owned Pilot Chemical has grown into a global environmentally conscious chemical company providing the household and industrial detergent, personal care, lubricant, oilfield, emulsion polymerization, textile, and agriculture industries with high-quality specialty chemicals. Core technologies include: Sulfonation, Sulfation, Alkylation, Distilation and Custom Blending.

What does Pilot Chemical do?

a. Pilot Chemical manufactures and distributes specialty chemicals into the household and industrial detergent, personal care, lubricant, oilfield, emulsion polymerization, textile, and agricultural industries. Core technologies include: Sulfonation, Sulfation, Alkylation, Distilation and Custom Blending.

Where is Pilot Chemical located?

a. Pilot Chemical is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Pilot has operations in: Lockland, Ohio; Middletown, Ohio; Houston, Texas; Avenel, New Jersey; Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

To learn more about Pilot Chemical Company, visit their website HERE.







Welcome Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities

The Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities is a new client of Afidence and we would like to say welcome!  Below is their mission statement which can be found with other information on their website.delaware county board of developmental disabilities

"To ensure the availability of programs, services, and supports that assist eligible individuals with developmental disabilities in choosing and achieving a life of increasing capability so that they can live, work, and participate in the community, and to assist and support the families and friends of these individuals in achieving this objective."



Afidence Welcomes Peach State Trucks

Afidence is happy to welcome Peach State Trucks as one of our newest clients.Peach State Trucks"Peach State Truck Centers was founded in 1974 by Thomas B. Reynolds. His commitment to customer satisfaction is the secret to Peach State's success and is the reason for acquiring the Atlanta Freightliner network of locations in July of 2007. By expanding the Peach State Freightliner network we can provide extensive coverage from McDonough in middle Georgia to Jefferson in North Georgia to serve your commercial, dump, day cab and medium duty truck sales, Sprinter cargo and passenger van sales, service and heavy truck parts needs." (excerpt taken from website)

Welcome Peach State Trucks!



Welcome to the City of Huron

Afidence welcomes the City of Huron as a new client!

"Huron, Ohio is located on the southern most point of Lake Erie, midway between Toledo and Cleveland, Ohio. Since 1838, Huron has been a part of Erie County. Prior to 1838, it was a part of Huron County."

huron image


Perio, Inc. Afidence New Client Welcome

Afidence Welcomes Perio, Inc., as New Client.  Perio is the maker of Barbasol and Pure Silk products.

Excerpt taken from Perio's Website:

The histories of Perio, Inc., Barbasol® and Pure Silk® are all very rich. Barbasol was created in 1919, Perio, Inc. began as Columbus Dental in 1903, and eventually the two crossed paths in 2001 -- creating new history ever since. Choose one of the links below to read its history.


Perio, Inc. began as Columbus Dental, back in 1903. The company made its success producing Steele's facings (individual replacement teeth attached to gold or silver backings). The company eventually became known as Franklin Dental in 1981.

In time, the company changed its name to Perio, Inc. and launched other dental initiatives such as Fresh Stix Interdental Cleaners, Smile Wax for Braces, Slimer Toothpaste and Morgan & Berry Breath Freshener, among others.

After achieving much success in the dental industry, Perio purchased several hair removal brands, Nudit and Hers, which, in 1997, began the company’s shift from dentistry to shaving.

In 2001, the company continued this trend and purchased the Barbasol brand from Pfizer. Since then, Perio has focused its efforts on innovating the brand, taking it to new levels.

Read on about what has happened since Perio bought Barbasol.

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It was the “roaring twenties.” Life was good here in America. But for MIT professor Frank Shields, it just wasn’t good enough. He had a tough beard, sensitive skin and that mug shaving soap just wasn’t doing it for him.

So Shields concocted something to take care of his tough beard without irritating his sensitive skin. He called it Barbasol, a combination of the Roman word ‘barba,’ meaning beard, and ‘solution.’ The barber's solution that became an American icon.

A small second-floor room in downtown Indianapolis became the home for the Barbasol Company, where tubes of the shaving cream were filled entirely by hand. Only 30-40 dozen could be produced per day.

Before long, the brand was endorsed by such legendary sports figures as Babe Ruth and Knute Rockne, among others.

For more than 40 years the Barbasol Company thrived. In the 1950’s aerosol cans were introduced and Barbasol got the look we all recognize today. In 1962, pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, purchased the Barbasol Company.

After years of success under Pfizer's ownership, the brand became somewhat dormant. Innovation slowed. The brand failed to change with the times. Awareness decreased and the name Barbasol lost a lot of the massive status it once had.


But everything changed in 2001 when Perio purchased Barbasol from Pfizer. Perio began focusing all of its efforts on the shave cream industry to breathe renewed life into the brand.

Barbasol now offers five varieties of its famous shave cream as well as three types of after shave. With this exciting activity, the Barbasol brand is experiencing more growth than it has in the last 40 years.

Perio re-launched Pure Silk, the women's line, in 2003 and it has been growing rapidly ever since.

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In 2003, Perio re-launched Barbasol's sister brand, Pure Silk -- a shave cream specifically designed for women.


Women across the country found the flagship fragrances, Raspberry Mist and Melon Splash, to be wonderful additions to their shaving routine. Since then, there have been several additions to the Pure Silk family: Coconut & Oat Flour, Plumeria, Cherry Blossom, Sensitive Skin and Dry Skin. Pure Silk has become increasingly popular, and continues to grow as more and more women discover the benefits of using a moisturizing shave cream on their legs.

Pure Silk Raspberry Mist is also available as a gel and a travel size.