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AfidenceIT Now Providing IT Support Services to Buffalo Wings & Rings


AfidenceIT Now Providing IT Support Services to Buffalo Wings & Rings

Mason, OH—June 12, 2015—AfidenceIT, a technology consulting and services firm, recently announced it will be providing IT support services to Buffalo Wings & Rings®. Buffalo Wings & Rings is a Cincinnati-based sports restaurant. In 2010, the restaurant began rebranding to a club level experience featuring bright, inviting dining rooms, 50+ TVs and chef-inspired recipes, making it the perfect place for socializing with families and fans. The plan is to rebrand all Buffalo Wings & Rings restaurants in the next eighteen months.


Laptops & Tablets & Smartphones ... Oh, My!  Part II


Laptops & Tablets & Smartphones ... Oh, My! Part II

At this point, I want to debunk a fallacy I have heard from time to time regarding the lifecycle of content.

The myth is that some data is authored to be permanent, and some is simply to be transient content, only existing for a limited time for a limited purpose. Just as Tolstoy intended War and Peace to be a permanent work, you and I cannot make any assumption about the transiency of our business communications. In an age where any avenue of communication can be audited, consider the following scenario.


Laptops & Tablets & Smartphones ... Oh, My! Part I


Laptops & Tablets & Smartphones ... Oh, My! Part I

The platform you use might limit your perceived value in the infosphere. Yes, your platform choices may indicate if you are an information consumer or information producer.

What’s to follow is a true story. I have a college friend that long ago moved to another city.  We still connect from time to time, sharing ideas for business along with other topics of interest. The problem is that she only uses her iPhone for her correspondence.  And, as a result, her input is always overly terse and seemingly without depth or meaningful content.

She has put herself into the position of being perceived as, only, an information consumer because the platform she uses holds her below the threshold of adding to the conversation.  Now, I know her better than that.  I know she has a sharp mind and a tenacious appetite for business opportunity. However, because she isn’t on a platform that facilitates a robust delivery of ideas, it is increasingly easy to discount her commitment to the dialog. Let me take the gloves off.


5 Mistakes That Guarantee Project Collapse


5 Mistakes That Guarantee Project Collapse

Were you satisfied with your last project? Was the project in alignment with your business drivers? The failure of many  projects is not understanding the business driver during project management. Below are questions you should be considering prior to starting a new project.


What if your company had access to a team of highly skilled and experienced project management professionals who could easily scale to projects of all sizes?


What if that same team of project management professionals was available to you entirely on-demand and without the long-term obligations?


What if your projects were delivered in a relatable and clearly communicated manner that made the entire project management process transparent to you and your team?


Thermal Imaging Systems


Thermal Imaging Systems

Thermal imaging equipment has helped save energy and cooling costs. Check out the article published in ICT Today by Matt Hoffman, a senior IT Consultant at AfidenceIT, to learn how you can use thermal imaging systems to audit energy efficiency.

Matt Covers How Thermal Imaging Systems Can Be Used to Audit Energy Efficiency including...


Tech It Out Tuesday - Comparison of Google Apps and Office 365

Dustin Werden sent me the link to an article from BetaNews, written by Derrick Wlodarz, comparing Google Apps and Office 365.  Before clicking on the article link below, read what Dustin has to say on the topic.

"Organizations of every size are faced with the balance of cost to function when it comes to their technology needs.  Unavoidable staples of the technology landscape are common productivity and communication tools as well as document creation and modification programs.  A space once dominated by Microsoft Office has been fragmented, to a degree, by Google’s foray into this type of service.  Google’s offerings and support models have matured to the point where companies have to legitimately evaluate both when determining what makes sense for them.  The article at the link below gives a detailed side-by-side comparison of Google Apps and Office 365 that can act as a primer for any business or organization in the midst of such a decision." ~Dustin Werden

Read the article HERE.

Tech It Out Tuesday - Support and Security for Windows XP Ending

Support and Security for Windows XP Ending

You might not know this, but after April 8, 2014, Windows XP support and security will no longer be available.  Find out HERE what this means for you, as well as other questions you may have regarding this change.  windows xp image 2

Tech it out Tuesday - Shorten Your Link

Do you feel like you're losing your mind when you go to share a super long link with someone?  Try!  I recently had several articles that I was sharing with a coworker and some of the links seemed like they were 10 miles long.  I apologized for the long links and commented that I wished there was some way to fix that.  Within minutes, I had two coworkers suggest  I should have known someone would come up with a way to remedy this.


Simply go to  Copy and paste the link you would like to shorten into the box.  Click shorten and go from this:{%2210201433323339438%22%3A634583659939087}&action_type_map={%2210201433323339438%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]

To this:

Thank you bitly.


Tech it Out Tuesday-Do You Know Siri?

If you feel funny talking to your phone (Siri) when there's not an actual person on the other end, this week's tech tip is for you.  Studies show that following the launch of iOS 7, only 16% of users were actually using Siri.  This means there are a lot of people not utilizing all that this app has to offer.


This article, How to Get the Most Out of Apple's Siri on your iPhone or iPad, offers some tips that might be helpful.  Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find inside:

  • Teaching Siri
  • Working with text
  • Controlling your device
  • Sending and receiving messages

Taste of IT 2013

Technology First has done it again.  For the 7th annual Taste of IT, they've once again assembled a champion group of IT experts who are ready to share what they know best. WHEN:  Wednesday, November 13, 2013 (7:30am - 5:00pm)

WHERESinclair Ponitz Center

Stop by Room 120 at 9:00 am to hear Afidence's very own Trip Bodley talk about technology and it's impact on our lives.  He'll then discuss ways to manage it, instead of letting it manage us.

Don't forget to stop by our booth for a chance to win a Roku!!


Afidence Going to 7th Annual Taste of IT

Next week, on Wednesday,  November 13, Afidence will be participating in the 7th Annual Taste of IT, hosted by Technology First.  The Taste of IT is an opportunity for IT users to attend presentations from differing companies servicing the IT market.  Our Consulting Manager, Trip Bodley, will be leading a break-out session that morning.  His presentation, Sleeping with Siri: 24/7 Technology and Its Impact on Our Lives will focus on the overall influence that technology has on our lives and how we can manage it instead of letting it manage us.  Later that morning, Bryan Hogan, President of Afidence,  will be introducing Denny Shank with Gartner, the Lunch Keynote Speaker.

Afidence WP-Clarifying and Simplifying Cost Metrics by Dr. Reginald Tomas Lee

Running a a business can be complicated.  Adding to that complexity is the issue of cost metrics, which although necessary, may be difficult to understand.  Attempting to utilize cost metrics without a thorough understanding can be counterproductive.  In this article, Dr. Lee offers  strategies that will make using them less complex.  You can read the article here.  


Afidence Celebrates Client Success in IT Governance

IT Governance Afidence assessed a national media company’s IT governance policies and procedures and provided recommendations to move the organization from complex workflows, redundant activities,  and multiple hand-offs to simplify workflows, streamlined activities, and responsive points of contact.  The project included an assessment of the current state, a gap analysis against industry best practices and recommendations to enhance current processes and IT artifacts.  As a result, Afidence consultants were asked to lead the implementation of the recommendations in order to establish a solid foundation for governance that improves reliability, security, efficiency, and service levels.

. . . more Afidence client success stories.

Afidence Tech Tip for Paper by Fifty-Three

Get those ideas from your head onto your screen.  Try Paper by Fifty Three.  Paper has the distinction of being the Apple App of the Year in 2012.  Click on the image below to go to the link.  Apple app of the yearHave fun!  Get creative!  Get Paper!

Contributed by: Anthony Peyton, Consultant

Afidence WP--Clarifying Cash Flow-Why Accounting is Wrong for Cash Flow Management by Dr. Reginald Tomas Lee

Are you looking for ways to help simplify and improve your company's cash flow management?  Click here to check out this informative article by Dr. Reginald Tomas Lee.  Here's a quick glimpse to see what's inside........

The path to better cash flow management is defined by the Three-Ds:
•Define and create a clear understanding of costs and revenues
•Design your approach for modeling and measuring cash flow
•Develop the performance metrics you will use

Afidence Celebrates Client Success in Technology Assessment

Technology Assessment

Afidence conducted an IT assessment of a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial robots and factory automation systems using its comprehensive assessment process, The Business Aligned IT Assessment. A holistic, business focused review of people, process, technology, and strategy was performed in order to provide the client with a strategic roadmap to align IT with the business and leverage technology as a competitive advantage. Deliverables included a Findings and Recommendations document, a SWOT Analysis, and an Executive Summary and Roadmap. As a result of the recommendations the company is looking to restructure its IT organization, improve training and support, establish better alignment with the business, and mitigate risks associated with IT assets.

. . . more Afidence client success stories

The Dangers of Running Legacy Software

In my discussions with clients and personal friends, I'm usually dismissed as trying to get them to spend more money because their current environment works "just fine" when Compas Only_Smalldiscussing the dangers of running legacy software, i.e., Windows XP and Office 2003.  This article (from a third party) explains these risks and even shows the abnormally high malware infection rate of this legacy software illustrating the risk it can pose to your business or personal information.

Microsoft reminds us of the risks of not moving on from Win XP

Contributed by: Anthony Peyton, Afidence Consultant


Taste of Afidence IT Resource Catalog for March 2013 with NEW Software Development Section

View the Taste . . . Our Expert IT Resources at Your Fingertips . . . “TOA” is a monthly publication showcasing IT Consultants for possible projects and staff augmentation, IT support, IT strategic direction, etc.  If you have a need for help with information technology, information systems, information analysis, information software development that provides expertise with  no contracts while maintaining integrity . . . talk to us today at 513-234-5822.

Afidence is an IT Support and IT Consulting Company, not a professional placement agency — there are no additional fees for engaging our IT Consultants.

What do our clients say about Afidence?


IT Industry in Dayton with Ann Gallaher, Technology First CEO

Authored by:    Senior Reporter- Dayton Business Journal   Email  | Twitter

Q&A: Ann Gallaher, Technology First

"In 1998, Ann Gallaher was the second person hired to the local IT trade association, Technology First, and has been its leader for nearly a decade. Gallaher shares her thoughts on the strength of the industry here and its biggest challenges for 2013."

...for the full article, click here 



Afidence Welcomes Miami Township as New Client

Miami Township is welcomed by Afidence as New Client.

Welcome to Miami Township, a community of partnerships. It is both rural and urban, with the convenience of city life and the openness of the country still in view. Only minutes south of the Dayton International Airport and Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Miami Township is home of the Dayton Mall. Conveniently located along the I-75 corridor between Cincinnati and Dayton.