Our Story



Building Strong Relationships on the Foundation of Honor, Integrity, & Excellence



Our Story



Building Strong Relationships on the Foundation of Honor, Integrity, & Excellence


our story

Afidence is built on biblical values of integrity, quality, and strong relationships. For almost a decade, we have been providing our clients with unbiased, real-time business and IT solutions that are flexible and cost-effective. We understand that IT is an integral part of your business, and our goal is to make it easy to manage IT the way you want.  Whether you want to outsource your whole IT department, recruit a specialist for a particular project, or place a call for support and know your IT is handled, we're there for you.

Even our name, Afidence, comes from Latin for “joining in trust.” It’s a principle that we live every day. Our consultants will always strive to be transparent and honest with you, will communicate openly about engagement status and expectations, and will work to achieve the solutions you want on time and on budget. We don’t believe the inner workings of your business’ IT solutions should be unfamiliar or intimidating. We’re here to keep it simple. We know IT, and we want to get to know you. It is these very characteristics that have enabled Afidence to help their clients bridge the gap between business and technology to  manage their overall information technology investments.

Timbelo, Inc. is a new chapter of the Afidence story. For years, Afidence avoided re-selling product because it would have diluted the brand and didn't fit our business scope. More and more, though, we've had clients wanting to buy product through Afidence because they trust us. What could we do? Timbelo, Inc. was the answer. Barbara E Hogan's company brings integrity to services including re-selling, contract-to-hire and government consulting. The mission of this business is to empower you to achieve your dreams. Timbelo, Inc. is a certified, 100% woman owned business. Barbara hopes, and believes, that this company will inspire other women to dream big and take on roles not traditionally held by women. 


Afidence continues to attract and retain an enormously talented team of IT professionals that are dedicated to serving our clients. Our resources average over 15 years of IT and business experience, are among the most talented in the industry, second-to-none in their work disciplines, and have an element of camaraderie we look for in an employee. These qualities, combined with our highly collaborative/transparent approach to working with clients, have proven to create long-term, trusted relationships that are beneficial to both our clients and to Afidence.


Bryan and Barbara Hogan launched Afidence in 2010.  After 9 years of delivering IT excellence as a Managing Partner with a Columbus based consulting firm, Bryan launched Afidence, Bryan’s experience spans 25 years in the IT Industry and is seeded with a deep sense of integrity, strong business acumen, and industry leadership, all of which have further defined the heart and soul of Afidence. Bryan and Barbara founded Afidence based on the understanding that people long to work with people they trust. They built  Afidence as an organization rooted in trusted relationships.  


At Afidence, we work closely with our clients and will custom tailor our engagements to their unique needs. Example engagements include:

  • Security & Compliance
  • Cloud Computing
  • Project Management
  • Technology Management
  • IT Managed Services
  • SharePoint
  • Business Aligned IT Strategy

We have a proven track-record providing IT services for small businesses through enterprise mergers & acquisitions, project management, and co-sourcing.


We recognize the need for cost-effective and fiscally responsible IT services that clients are searching for today. Accordingly, we are able to deliver world-class IT services at highly competitive rates. Examples of our commitment to such an approach include:

  • Affordable expertise.
  • No premium fees for after-hours/overtime.
  • Local travel not expensed.
  • Most project estimates include a “Not To Exceed Provision”


We believe trust is the foundation of a relationship. Not contracts. Not holding clients hostage with our knowledge. Instead, we believe trust flourishes when we deliver IT services with excellence, provide unbiased advice, demonstrate accountability, and communicate with transparency. 

One of our founding achievements is our syncMETHODOLOGY™, the mechanism in which we ensure effective communication, project execution, and knowledge transfer. For example, through syncMETHODOLOGY™, every Afidence consultant is required to document their activities through Daily Status Reports. The result is that our clients know what we know – they are not held hostage to our company because we are the only ones who have the knowledge about their IT systems.

We too often focus on the importance of WHAT needs to be done versus the significance of WHY we do it in the first place.
— Bryan Hogan, President/CEO & Owner of Afidence