The Afidence™ syncMETHODOLOGY™ process ensures that each step and deliverable is proactively communicated in an easy to understand, open, and transparent manner. We believe quality communication leads to quality results. 



Whether it's the first meeting for the first engagement or the first meeting for the tenth engagement our meeting recaps and statements of work set the stage for success through mutual understanding of business needs, solutions, and target results.


The engagement is completed, on-time and on-budget. All critical success factors are addressed. Deliverables are clearly documented and presented. Mutual trust and respect deepens. Celebration ensues. 


Internal and client kickoff meetings establish a proactive communications plan that leverages a combination of follow-up meetings, reports, and dashboards to ensure all expectations continually align with budgets and deadlines.


While our skilled, hardworking team focuses on the tasks to successfully complete an engagement, they simultaneously generate Daily Status Reports (documented outstanding tasks, areas of concern, and hours billed.)