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We surround our clients with clear, transparent and honest solutions giving a level of clarity and objective service unmatched in the IT industry.  


85 Clients

85 Clients


"Our migration from an on-premise SharePoint environment to SharePoint in the cloud was incredibly smooth thanks to Afidence. Our new site enables employees to stay connected and provides the information they need quickly with minimal effort."

-Monica Tuckerman, Business Technology Manager, RSG 55 Railroad Row

"I have had the pleasure of working with Afidence on multiple occasions. They have earned my trust and always exceed my expectations. They not only care about our success, but have helped us better use technology to take our business to a whole new level."

- Kelly McCracken, Director of Shared Services, Franciscan Media

"It has been my experience that Afidence provides an exceptional project management service leveraging best practice methods and tools that consistently deliver business results."

- Treg Gilstorf, Senior Director of Information Technology, Yaskawa Motoman Robotics

"We had recently engaged Afidence to perform an IT review for our organization. The study was carried out in a very professional manner, and the subsequent report provided many good recommendations and insights. The report also provided implementation timelines and resource requirements while keeping in mind our financial limitations. We were so pleased with Afidence’s work that we have subsequently engage them to help us implement a more strategic approach to IT. I would highly recommend them to others seeking this help."

- Thomas A. Shumate, COO, Franciscan Media

"After looking for an independent consulting firm that was willing to separate themselves from any post-engagement opportunities, Afidence accepted the assignment of performing pure technology consulting, and very professionally delivered comprehensive findings and recommendations. Those results were in perfect alignment with initial project direction and scope, providing a very concise, yet easy to understand final product that all affected organizational divisions could read, interpret, and begin to act upon."

- Technology Manager, Local Government

"Many thanks go to our consultant from Afidence.  He has a knack for quickly diagnosing the needs of our organization and, in addition to knowing the capabilities of the SharePoint platform, he has an excellent ability to not only apply his experiences to a situation but to research and offer creative ideas on how a problem can be addressed, or an approach can be taken, for a cost effective, practical solution."(SharePoint Services)

 -Randy Rhodebeck , Director of IT, Stark DD

"We've been looking for the right opportunity to engage with Afidence for some time now. They're a great asset to the Dayton and Cincinnati IT communities. Thanks to Shannon Glass and team for the work you're putting in!" (Security & Compliance Services)

-Jon Scruggs, Manager of Infrastructure & Support, Hobart


30 States

30 States


"I leverage Afidence because I trust Bryan and the team he has created. I base all my partnerships and vendor relationships on trust and the expertise of the people providing the solution and Afidence has earned that trust from me."

– Andy Garcia, Information Technology Manager, Aileron

"I’ve worked with Bryan for approximately 15 years on a variety of projects that range from operational and very technical to strategic and highly conceptual. I have great respect for his ability to translate complicated issues into a clear plan with actionable steps to achieve success."

– Scott A. McCollum, Chief Information Officer, Sinclair Community College

"We switched to Afidence because they really know how to partner with us in providing excellent IT support. Technology has become vital to our company and the team at Afidence has taken the time to learn about our business in order to provide daily support and most important, technical solutions for our future. Not only is Afidence keeping our systems stable and safe, they are helping our company grow."

– Jim Mullaney, President/CEO, Edoc Service, Inc.

"It has been my experience that Afidence delivers value across a wide array of business services. More importantly, when engaged, they seek solutions that are in the best interest of their clients, even if the solution minimizes their own role in the project. This is not the work of a vendor but that of a business partner."

– Jeffrey A. Miller, Assistant VP, Workforce Development, Sinclair Community College

"Afidence is second to none in their clinical business and technology expertise. They are uniquely skilled at combining technology with common sense, to ensure money saving business practices."

– Peter S. Zulia, PT, SCS, ATC, Oxford Physical Therapy Centers

"Our new SharePoint environment provides a real-time connectedness that supports our vision to create a successful national consulting practice with engaged employees. The work that Afidence did, is a key part of the mosaic that will further enable RSG to pursue innovative work and to create tighter relationships with the clients we serve."

– Tim Young, Director of Technology, RSG

"I count Bryan and Afidence among the best in the industry when it comes to actually listening to what the customer wants, then delivering."

– Michael Gutman, Owner/Manager, Syllogistic Management Solutions LLC

"What his firm [Afidence] does extremely well is bridge the gap between business needs and technology solutions that has helped us manage our overall information technology investment soundly."

– Joe Lowry, Chief Financial Officer, Empower MediaMarketin

"Afidence not only exceeds expectations in technical expertise, they also take the time to understand business processes and the people that interact with the technology.  A rare characteristic that has delivered outstanding results." (SharePoint Services)

-Rachel Mallory, Director, Information Technology Resources, Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services

"Warren County has benefited immensely from the IT assessment performed by Afidence.  The Afidence team provided the exact service requested on time and on budget, and met all of the objectives set out.   I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an assessment of their IT department." (Executive Advisory Services)

-Matt Nolan, Warren County Auditor

"Afidence has been our trusted IT partner for many years, they understand our needs and find us the best solutions within our budget." (Executive Advisory/CIO Services)

 -Kelly McCracken, Shared Services Team Leader, Franciscan Media 



15 Countries

15 Countries


"Regarding support, the Afidence Team has been great and continues to be very well received.  They certainly help me a great deal nearly every day – just a great partnership!  Across the board, I find that all support team members are very professional and position their role with our support as primary – many times willing to help given no advanced notice!!  I know that other departments have been well pleased with all support members.  I think you know we have had to juggle a few onsite members a time or two, but that has worked out fine and staff has embraced all of them.  Please share along to all of your team that support us that I said, ‘Doing a great job for us, and thanks!’”  

"Truly enjoyable to work with..."

"Their ability to manage different obstacles both human and non-human is superior.."

"Just wanted to let you know that again, you have supplied us with a GREAT resource! Your consultant came in and gave us some great ideas and some much needed direction. Everyone I have had the pleasure to work with from your team has been great. Thanks again, and I will ALWAYS push to work with your people again!"

"...flexibility, thoroughness, technical savvy, concerned with how it affects users, how they draw info from users at meetings, suggestions and guidance on governance issues, how to get the most from SP in terms of efficiency, and most importantly – they can be counted on to get the job done. They deliver on time."

"Afidence has an exceptional (and growing) IT staff, and I am personally very impressed with the fine work they do day in and day out."

"Sinclair has worked with Bryan Hogan for over 20 years over the course of his affiliation with several IT professional services companies, continuing with Afidence. The thing that has always kept Afidence at top-of-mind when considering who could help with a strategic technology project is their honest, hard-working ethic and the consistency of the work product that they deliver. "

-Scott McCollum Chief Information Officer at Sinclair Community  College